Who can apply for study Centre ?
A School/firm/organisation having past experience of conducting courses of Higher Education and have premises and facilities to conduct various activities on behalf of the board.
How can I take admission ?
Contact your nearest Centre or Coordinator for admission assistance. The details of the Centres and Coordinators.
Does the KSOEEB takes direct admission ?
No not now it will under process, every student should take admission through the Study Centres/Schools only.
Why KSOEEB does not give direct admission to students?
As most of the courses need some practical training, coaching, etc. so, it is conducting its courses through Study Academic Centres.
Why should I go for Courses of KSOEEB?
The Courses of the KSOEEB are so designed as to give a student apt knowledge which would be helpful for them in the higher courses. The courses are very lucid and examination is very transparent and easy, so that student could pass easily with full knowledge.
What is the legal status of High School Examination Certificate (10th)?
The KSOEEB conducts examination and provides certificates to successful candidates who attained the age of 14, proving basic details and qualifications with which further studies or job opportunities could be availed.
What is the legal status of Intermediate Examination (10 + 2) Certificate?
The students with these certificates can avail higher educational opportunities provided by various Universities World wide as recommended by the informed by the KSOEEB from time to time.
Does the KSOEEB provide syllabus for all the courses conducted by Study Centre?
Yes, the KSOEEB provides syllabus to every student. It can be used for getting Eligibility Certificate for Higher Studies.
Whether certificate-holders get admissions for higher education in India and abroad?
Yes, Certificate Holders get admission to Higher Studies to those Universities and Institutes which provide Eligibility on the basis of application by the Students.
Why the KSOEEB is charging Lowest Fees in the Field of Education?
The Aim of the KSOEEB is to provide Education at Lesser Cost for Minority Communities in India. Hence the Lowest Fees in India.
Why the fees do varies from Centre to Centre?
The fees charged by the Centre, depends upon the services they provide. However, the candidate should be vigilant and should inform the KSOEEB in case of exorbitant fees.
How to proceed with Attestation of the Certificates from the KSOEEB?
You should get in touch with the Centre, who will get the Certificate attested from the KSOEEB.
Does the KSOEEB provide Transfer Certificates/Migration/Transcript for abroad studies?
Yes. Transfer Certificate, Migration and Transcript are provided to the Student.
How do we get Transfer Certificates/Migration/Transcript?
Students can get Transfer Certificates/Migration/Transcript after applying in the prescribed format and paying fees of Rs.------.00 through its nearest Study Centre or Directly to the KSOEEB.
How to avail Fees Concessions?
To avail fees concession, the student should contact the KSOEEB directly. Centres are not responsible for providing concessions, but they can give reduction in fees from the published list on their own. Actual Fees Concession is given by KSOEEB directly only.
Any more Courses than detailed in the Table?
Yes. The courses are being constantly updated by the KSOEEB, keep a watch on the website for more details.
What is the procedure for getting admission in Professional, Certificate and Diploma Courses?
Contact the Centres, which conduct such types of Courses. You may contact the KSOEEB for further guidance.
Whom to contact in case of Grievances?
Mail your grievance to
What to do in case of change of my address?
In case of change in your address, then inform the KSOEEB in the prescribed format along with requisite fees. Your new address will be updated in your profile within 30 days after receiving the application.
How many subjects should I have to pass to get High School Examination Certificate?
In all you have to choose pass in SIX subjects (3 compulsory and 3 optional). There are three streams namely Arts, Commerce and Science to choose from.
How many subjects should I have to pass to get Intermediate Examination Certificate?
In all you have to choose pass in 6 subjects (One Language is Compulsory & One Language Choosing Option  and three optional One Optional Is Compulsory). There are three streams namely Arts, Commerce and Science to choose from.
How can I check my Admission Status?
You can check your admission status online by clicking Verification button. Enter the Registration No. and click OK button.
Can I switch over from other Board/University?
Yes, you can switch over from any recognised Board/University for further studies.
If I switch over from other Board/University in the middle of the Session, do I get the weightage?
No, in such a case you will be considered as a new admission, and you will be given admission in the applicable session.
Do I have to attend Classes?
For Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses, you don't have to attend classes, all the materials have been provided online. You can yourself study and appear in the examination.
What to do, if I need to attend Classes for Secondary/Senior Secondary Course?
You have to contact the study Centre in which you have taken admission. They will arrange for the Classes. 
Does KSOEEB provides short term Courses?
Yes, the Certificate Courses are the short-term Courses like NTC, Small Skill Development Courses
What is the qualification for doing short-term Courses?
Minimum qualification is Class VIII & X Pass. However, each of the courses has been provided with minimum qualification separately. 
Who is a Coordinator?
A coordinator is a representative of the KSOEEB who acts as a bridge between the KSOEEB and the Study Centre for normal Course of activities.
Why should we become Coordinator?
KSOEEB provides some great business opportunities where its associates could earn and grow.
What are an Academic / Study Centre?
A Study / Academic Centre are a place where student will get admission, will attend class and will appear in examination. A Study / Academic Centre awill act as a guide for Student.